Oppo BDP-93/95 multiregion DIY kit - STANDARD version

With this easy to install kit, your Oppo BDP-93/95 player will be region free on bluray and DVD playback. No soldering needed. 

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DIY kit for the Oppo BDP-93 / 95 bluray player. Compatible with all versions of the player, (EU / US / Asia versions). This kit enables all-region playback of both DVD and Bluray. The DVD playback is automatically regionfree, and bluray region can be selected with the remote.

How to use the mod:

  • By default, your bluray player is region free for DVD. To set the bluray region to A, B or C, please do the following:
  • 1. Power on the player without any disc inserted. The screen will after a while show “No Disc”.
  • 2. About 4 seconds after the “No Disc” displayed, press DIMMER, DIMMER, DIMMER, MUTE and then the region code. 1 for A, 2 for B, and 3 for C.

  • 3. Power off your player. When started up again, the regioncode has changed.
  • Selecting the region code on the remote, must be done within 20 seconds.



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