Cambridge Audio 650BD multiregion DIY kit

With this easy-to-install kit, your Cambridge Audio player will be region free on bluray and DVD playback. 

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DIY kit for the Cambridge Audio Azur 650BD bluray players. This kit enables all-region playback of both DVD and Bluray. The DVD playback is automatically regionfree, and bluray region can be selected with the remote. This hardware kit is guaranteed to work with all existing and upcoming firmwares from Cambridge Audio.

This kit is very easy to install, just remove the player’s top cover, place the kit into the player and add 2 cables, and you are ready for regionfree playback. You can easily remove the kit again, to avoid warranty problems. 

This kit is produced in Europe, and is tested very carefully prior to shipping.

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How to use the mod:

  • By default, your bluray player is now region free for DVD. To set the bluray region to A, B or C, please press “1”, “2” or “3” on the remote when the player is in standby. The player will automatically power on, when “1”, “2” or “3” is pressed. The selected region will be stored and remembered, even when removing the mains supply from the player.
  • To disable the automatic power on, press the blue button on the remote once.
  • To enable automatic power on again, press the yellow button once.
  • For a specific DVD region playback, press green button and a number from "0" to "9". For automatic all region free select "0".



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